Catch or Release Fishing

Very popular! Barbless flies and in-water releasing required. Wading encouraged. Both Paradise Pond and Sunset Lake are fishable catch-and-release ponds. Paradise Pond is our 2-acre trophy pond containing trout 11" and up.
          Fishing rates - $9.00 / hr. (March-June)
                                      $10.00 / hr. (July-October)
Bait / Lure Fishing
Growing rapidly! Barbless circle hooks required with bait. Only single or double barbless hooks are allowed with lure fishing. In-water releasing allows us to offer this unique plan in our 6-acre pond, Sunset Lake. Contains trout, bass, perch and crappie.
          Fishing rates - $10.00 / hr.
                                     $9.00 / hr. (family/group of 4 or more)
           All trout kept - $7.00 / lb.
Monthly Flyfishing Passes
Monthly flyfishing pass available April-September
      *Sold by the month
Unlimited flyfishing during business hours
April - September - $140 / Month
       *No passes available for March or October
Exclusive Flyfishing Pond Access
Our 2-acre catch and release flyfishing pond is stocked with thousands
of brook, brown, rainbow, golden and tiger trout. It is now available for
half or full day rental.
*Available April - September
*Must be booked in advance
Wednesdays ONLY
*Call Glenn for details: (814) 274-8309 / (814) 274-0832
Rainbow Paradise
Trout Farm & Fishing Park